Cirilla’s Comprehensive Guide on How To Use a Rabbit Vibrator

Cirilla's Comprehensive Guide on How To Use a Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit vibrators are one of the most famous sex toys on the market, thanks to their simplicity and their presence in the media (e.g., there’s an episode in Sex and the City in which one of the main characters gets one of these bad boys). But even though they can’t get any more popular, some people out there still don’t know how to use them, which is fine because they’re not your standard type of vibrators. If you’re one of those people, don’t worry–our article will guide you and provide you with tips and tricks you can use to reach the most amazing orgasm of your life with a rabbit vibrator! So keep reading and find out how to use a rabbit vibrator and cum harder than ever before.

What Is a Rabbit Vibrator?

What Is a Rabbit Vibrator

Before telling you how to use this sex toy, I must familiarize you with its concept. Rabbit vibrators are also known as dual simulators because they combine vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation to make a woman cum. The combined sensations provide a fantastic orgasm, known as a ‘blended orgasm,’ which makes any woman’s toes curl.

The original rabbit vibrator was made by a company named Vibratex in 1984 and was then known as ‘rabbit pearl.’ The toy was completely different back then, and they varied a lot from the modern ones.

Now you might be wondering why it is called the rabbit dildo. The sex toy itself is designed to have a phallic shape with attached bunny ears to the side, giving it a cute name. The bunny ears send vibrations to your clitoris, while the phallic shape goes inside the vagina.

Types of Rabbit Vibrators

Types of Rabbit Vibrators

The market is flooded with different types of rabbit vibrators, but they all work and function on the same principle. Nowadays, you can find a rabbit dildo with the most basic features, while there are ones out there that have ridges on the phallic-shaped part to give you more stimulation during masturbation. There are also rabbit vibrators that don’t have vibrating bunny ears. Instead, they have a suction part that sucks on your clit, making you roll your eyes backward like there’s no tomorrow. If you’re tired of batteries, you can find rechargeable vibrators that you can charge with a USB cable—looking to get more stimulation than ever? Get a rabbit dildo that comes with added anal stimulation. This means you can enjoy both clitoral stimulation and vaginal and anal penetration. The orgasms you can achieve with these amazing little things are ridiculous!

How Does a Rabbit Vibrator Work?

A rabbit vibrator works like your typical vibrator, except it provides an additional layer of stimulation. Compared to old-school vibrators, rabbit vibrators cover more erogenous areas and can make you cum insanely harder.

How To Use a Rabbit Vibrator

How To Use a Rabbit Vibrator

Using a rabbit vibrator doesn’t require much tinkering, and anyone can use it, whether they’re an expert or a beginner, for sex toys. But to help you with the process, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Power the sex toy on– You need to get adequate batteries for your sex toy and power it on. If it’s a rechargeable version of a rabbit dildo, ensure that you’ve fully charged it before deciding to play with it because there’s nothing worse than a sex toy dying on you amid the session. Don’t know how to change the battery? Remove the base by spinning it and remove the old batteries, insert the new ones, and you’ll be good to god!
  2. Get the feel of the controls– After powering the sex toy on, you should play around with the controls to get acquainted with them. Knowing all the controls and studying them before putting any sex toy into action is crucial if you want a pleasurable experience. Rabbit vibrators usually have quite intuitive controls, so you don’t have to worry about them too much. But many of them also rotate and have different vibration patterns you can select.
  3. Use some lube– If you want to make the experience as comfortable and realistic as possible, you should use as much lube as possible. The lube will increase the comfort and the sensation, and it’ll help you reach an orgasm faster. Before applying any lube to your rabbit vibrator, you should check whether it’s compatible with your version of the sex toy. If you don’t know which lube works for your gadget, use a water-based one because they’re universal and can be used with anything.
  4. Put it in the correct position– Once you’ve lubed up, you need to insert the phallic-shaped part of the rabbit vibrator into your vagina. Put it deep enough so that the bunny ears brush against the outer layer of your clitoris. Remember that there isn’t a single correct position for masturbating with these sex toys. Try massaging your clitoris first and then insert, or go the other way around–it’s entirely up to you.
  5. Turn the sex toy on– After inserting the sex toy inside your vagina, you should recall the controls and turn the sex toy on. Power it on and choose the controls that you like the most. I suggest you start with the lowest settings first and then ease into the stronger vibration patterns. This will help you reach a climax step by step, but you can also start from any level you want. The intensity is completely up to you, and you need to remember to do what feels right for you.
  6. Play around with the positions– Lubed up, inserted the sex toy, powered it up; what now? You should find a position that works for you by playing around your bed. Some people masturbate by putting the rabbit dildo in place, while others lock it between their legs. You can also set the rabbit vibrator into your undies and walk around with the sex toy turned on. Be creative, do what feels right for you, and you’ll be on your way to a fantastic orgasm. Remember that the more you thrust, the less clitoral stimulation you’ll feel. That’s why you should resist thrusting if you want to feel the double stimulation from the sex toy. If you want the best of both worlds, you should go with long strokes.
  7. Put some porn in the background– Have you got everything in place and ready to go? You should put some of your favorite porn in the background. This will add to the immersion, and it’ll help you cum faster.
  8. Use the vibrator with your partner– Last but not least, you should remember that a rabbit dildo isn’t only meant to be used when you’re alone. It’s amazing for solo masturbation, but it’s also great for having fun with your partner. Many experts say that implementing gadgets and devices into your sex life can bring it up a notch, so keep that in mind. You can try having Sex in numerous positions with the rabbit vibrator turned on. Most couples start with basic missionary, as it allows both partners to feel stimulation and feel amazing at the same time. The options you have with this sex toy are endless, and all you have to do is have fun and play around with it.

Taking Care of Your Rabbit Vibrator

The most crucial thing regarding playing with sex toys is maintenance. Without taking care of your rabbit vibrator, germs and bacteria will collect on it, and you might be facing some troubles. That’s why you need to clean and take care of your sex toy every time you use it. Luckily for you, cleaning a rabbit vibrator is a piece of cake. You have to put it under some warm water and use soap. You can also use rubbing alcohol to clean it. When you’re done rinsing your rabbit vibrator, you should put it somewhere where no dust will fall upon it, like your drawer.

Where to Get a Rabbit Vibrator?

If you’re looking to treat yourself or your partner with a rabbit vibrator, you should look no further than Cirilla’s online store. We have a vast collection of these amazing little gadgets for various budgets. In our store, you can get a more than decent rabbit vibrator for around $30, whereas you can also spend big bucks on a more advanced device. Overall, the selection is vast, and you can find the perfect toy to fit your needs.


Using a rabbit vibrator isn’t rocket science, and anyone can use this sex toy to reach orgasm within minutes. Hopefully, you will, too, with the help of the tips in this article! Don’t forget to relax, enjoy the moment, and bring it up to your partner because sex toys aren’t only meant to be used on your own!