Sex toys, accessories aimed at pleasure, currently have smarts versions that allow different functions for users. Among the features found in this type of device are wireless connection, own lighting and interaction with music. However, with more technology more doubts about the devices may arise. Therefore, TechTudo has listed seven curious facts about smart versions of sex toys and shows how they can be different from ordinary ones.

With regard to sexuality, sex toys are often taboo in society. Julie, a writer and journalist who specializes in the topic of sexuality, reveals three myths about this type of toys that many women believe to be true. 

Nadia says that women should lose the shame they feel when using a vibrator. The sex expert says she initially thought having a sex toy was a “tragic act reserved for desperate single women unable to find a man”. 

However, since she started to look into the issue, Nadia says she does not understand why there is so much shame associated with it. This is the first myth: vibrators decrease sensitivity.

“I feel that all women should experience unadulterated ecstasy from orgasms to order,” she wrote on the Australian website

“Investing in a vibrator is the first step towards female empowerment”, he adds, denying the thesis that reduces sensitivity. Julie explains that what happens is that women end up getting to know each other better and what gives them pleasure.